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What is EloShapes?

EloShapes allows the user to compare shapes and specifications of computer mice. It hosts a database of mice that continues to add and update both upcoming and existing products.

It is often said that shape is the most vital part of a mouse. Finding the right shape can be hard, especially if you are on a limited budget or do not have other resources to compare mice.

I strive to help users explore and discover mice with the goal of finding a shape that could improve comfort and performance during use.

Hopefully, EloShapes can help its users towards a better gaming and work experience :)

How the website works

EloShapes is split into three main parts, Compare Shapes, Search Database, and Add New Mice. Each section has information and explanations on how to use them.

Compare Shapes is all about, well... comparing shapes :) Select a mouse and compare its outlines, dimensions and weight to other mice.

Example of how to select a mouse and compare its shape

Change the outlines color through the color-select box next to the mouses' name. Change the outline size, thickness and alignment with sliders and buttons at the bottom.

Text showing the functionality of sliders and buttons

If you want more detailed descriptions of a mouse, go to Search Database. Here, you will be able to see specifications such as its sensor, polling rate, DPI and more.

If there are mice you wish were added to the database, it is possible to add them yourself through Add New Mice. Alternatively, contact me and I will add the mice most requested by the community.

Extra information

Note that I cannot guarantee a perfect representation of a mouses outlines. Information is mainly gathered from the producers' website and their dimensions and weight is often rounded, meaning they might differ from the real product by a small margin.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

I hope you enjoy EloShapes, and it helps you find your next mouse :)



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