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This page displays a table filled with mice from EloShapes current database. In the top left corner, is a button which allows for custom filters to be applied . Filters include specifications like size, weight, connectivity, etc. A button for directly searching through brands and models is also available .

If you wish to compare the shapes of these mice, hover their row and a button will appear. Select mice and press the button, this will direct you to the Compare Shapes page.

If you wish to compare the shapes of these mice, click the row of wanted mice and a box on the bottom will appear with selected mice. Click on their names if you wish to remove them. Select the button, and it will direct you to the Compare Shapes page.

Measurements and specifications

Brand: The producer or company which sells the mouse.

Model: Name of a specific mouse from a brand.

Length: Measured (in millimeters) from the base, to the very tip:

Example of how length is measured

Width: Measured (in millimeters) between the two wides points:

Example of how width is measured

Height: Measured (in millimeters) from the bottom, to the top:

Example of how height is measured

Weight: Measured in grams, preferably without the cable.

Shape: Points to whether a mouse is symmetrical(left) or ergonomic(right):

Symmetrical(left) vs Ergonomic(right) shapes

Connectivity: Refers to whether a mouse is wired or wireless. Many wireless mice are also able to connect through a wire but is still considered wireless.

Sensor: Specifies the sensor used in a mouse.
Learn more about sensors.

DPI: Dots Per Inch (DPI), also called Counts Per Inch (CPI), refers to the maximum amount of pixels the cursor can travel when moving the mouse one inch.
Learn more about DPI.

Polling Rate: The maximum amount of times a mouse can send information to the connected device per second.
Learn more about polling rate.